Epoxy- A Great Garage Floor Coating Option

Glancing at your house or office as you drive past, this is the time when you often overlook your garage. Is it because it does not reflect your sophistication and style? You wish to fix-up your garage to fit your personal style but wonder how to transform it in a way that it can leave the visitors’ awestruck with its beauty and care.

So, what is the possible way to get a sturdy and long lasting garage floor? The answer is garage epoxy floor Mesa. Such epoxy garage floors provide an ultimate protection and decorative versatility to floors in comparison to other bare concrete floors. Another benefit of epoxy coating is that it requires minimal maintenance and offer improved resistance against corrosion, stains and cracks.

Garage Floor Coating

So why wasting your time in scrubbing, refinishing or cleaning your garage floor when your epoxy coatings can offer you all the required protection against spilling and chipping. Epoxy is one of the most economical, and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance the beauty of a plain grey concrete garage floor. With abundant benefits, you don’t have to go for regular repairing of your garage floor.

It can help you achieve a completely transformed garage floor that not only look vibrant but also lively. In order to get the best epoxy coating, you need to get in touch with a reliable flooring service contractor as they have experience in this field and can make the installations much faster. You will also get a range of services like stained concrete floors and other kind of coatings at competitive rates.

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Epoxy Coating vs. Untreated Concrete: Which of the Two is a Safer Option?

Cement flooring may seem like a perfectly suitable option since it is durable, long-lasting, and can withstand a lot of weight. But, cement flooring is not as safe as it may seem to be. It can easily become unattractive, hard to clean, and unsafe after being subjected to spills and other abrasions.

This is why facilities that use cement flooring Gilbert should consider contacting epoxy coating experts to give their cement floor a well-deserved makeover. Not only does epoxy look better than untreated concrete, but it provide additional benefits that concrete does not. Especially in places like garages, industrial facilities, and hospitals, where slippery floors can be particularly dangerous. Epoxy coatings come in many colors and styles. One of the most useful types is the non-slip coating.

Epoxy Coating and Untreated Concrete

While a bare concrete floor can withstand huge amounts of weight and pressure, it’s quite porous, leaving it susceptible to significant damage. The untreated concrete can result in floor cracking, staining, or substantial erosion. On the other hand, epoxy coatings leave a glossy, clean finish that looks attractive and protects the surface underneath.

When applied on concrete, epoxy flooring Scottsdale formulations are typically 100% non-volatile and are extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Also, when epoxy coating experts lay the coating on the concrete surface, it prevents moisture penetration. This makes it hard for mold and fungi to grow in the surface.

Therefore, an epoxy flooring can offer a variety of benefits when it comes to safety and functionality. If you are still using untreated concrete and are worried about it’s safety, you may contact a well – known Garage Epoxy Floor Coating  Service Company in Chandler and begin your floor transformation.

Why Choose Floor Coatings To Embellish The Look of Your Garage Floor?

A garage filled with broken stuff and stacked boxes don’t make your house feel like a welcoming place. Clearing up the mess in your garage would certainly clear up some space. But it is usually not enough. For this reason, it is important to go for garage floor coatings in Phoenix. Some of the popular garage floor coatings Gilbert or paint are epoxy coating, acid stain, and the clear sealer etc.

Best Epoxy floor coatings in Mesa are popular as they are impact resistant, makes your floor dust-free and easy to clean. It is also slip resistant. Acid stain is used due to its finished look. It gives your floor a marble-like appearance with it’s attractive blend and colorful patterns. The clear sealer protects your floor from abrasions and makes your floor new and shiny.

garage floor coatings in Phoenix

Application of the garage floor paint or coating requires patience and effort. The initial step in applying the coating is to prepare and clean the floor. After doing away with the stains, it is time to take care of the cracks. Then the floor needs to be dried before patching up the cracks and holes. To cover up the small cracks, concrete or mortar-repair compound may be used. A small quantity of water may be sprinkled on the surface to check if the concrete absorbs water or not. Thereafter coating is done.

These are the basic steps to be followed for the application of garage floor painting or coating. However, for effective and quality coating, you must get in touch with the experienced and renowned Concrete Coating Contractor.

Why Should You Prefer Concrete Coatings For Patios?

The Concrete Coating offers the appeal of natural stone. It is more practical and economical. Patios made of concrete are making a big comeback as homeowners now realize all the benefits they were missing out on by installing wooden composite decking.

Here are some of the reasons for people making a switch:-

Versatility – With the recent advances in coloring techniques and stamping tools, patios made of poured-in-place concrete are more versatile than ever before. Concrete can easily be formed into any shape. Thereby, allowing you to accommodate backyard space restrictions or incorporate attractive curves. You can also achieve just about any hue with the use of stains and other colouring methods.

You can also choose from a vast array of pattern and design options, including stamped patterns, stenciling, engraving etc.  Few people choose a concrete patio style that complements their indoor living space. Concrete can also be made to look like other popular patio materials. This includes brick, natural stone and even wood.

Durability – It is highly durable and can stand up to a wide range of weather conditions. In fact, many concrete contractors take special measures to ensure the durability of the concrete patios they produce. The durability and aesthetic appeal of decorative concrete will also boost the resale value of your home.

Easy to Maintain – It is easier to maintain because it’s a solid surface. In comparison to wood, a concrete patio saves you the labor of staining and resealing year after year. Also, it is resistant to termite infestation and eliminates the need for regular maintenance as well.

Concrete Coatings For Patios

Check these 5 things before painting concrete

Environment and use are two of the most important aspects of a coating choice. For example, a balcony coating needs to be UV and weather resistant, driveway coatings need to be oil resistant and suitable for traffic.

The concrete substrate needs to be free of moisture. Damp concrete will affect coating adhesion and lead to a coating failure.

Concrete paint works best as a coating system. This means for premium results it can include up to five layers, for example – a primer, a sealer, undercoat(s), topcoat(s), and a final sealer.

The concrete substrate needs to be cured, free from defects, dry, and clean – no contaminants such as oil, algae growth, loose particles.

The concrete substrate needs to be sufficiently porous for good adhesion – smooth concrete may require extra preparation such as acid etching, sandblasting, or concrete resurfacing.

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What are the Causes of Debonding and Blistering of Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Alkali-silica reaction, ASR is a type of concrete degradation. Three conditions are necessary for ASR to occur such as a reactive form of silica or silicates, available alkali and moisture. ASR gel formation is possible when these conditions are present.

Though, the existence of ASR gel does not necessarily mean concrete damage will occur. Impairment can be caused as the ASR gel absorbs moisture and swells. This leads to extreme pressure from expansion. It typically takes years to develop and results in cracked aggregates.

Near-surface alkali reaction gel is another cause responsible for debonding and blistering of epoxy coatings. It occurs closer to the surface, involves smaller aggregates. It takes less time to develop, and is associated with a low-permeance floor coating. This also requires the presence of reactive silica or silicates, available alkali, and moisture to form the gel. The failure leads to blistering in the low permeability surface coating applied to the concrete.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

The occurrence of excess alkali from NSAR at the concrete surface creates disproportion of solute. This generates an osmotic cell leading to attraction of more water. The water is pulled through the concrete. This acts as a semi-permeable membrane and collects on the concrete surface. The existence of the relatively impermeable coating covering traps the excess moisture. This results in blistering of the coating.

Lithium compounds have been used in concrete to inhibit ASR from causing degradation. Also, to protect the surface by aiding in the concrete densification.

When performing investigations of blistering and other failures of Epoxy Flooring systems, it is important to observe and take into account a number of factors, such as, Lithium silicate was applied to the concrete surface and the cracks present in the field core samples were parallel or sub-parallel to the surface.

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Everything about Stained Concrete

Stained concrete floors have become a popular choice these days that serves residential as well as commercial needs. They are popping up everywhere in restaurants, retail stores, offices, commercial outlets with endless options of colors and designs. The color and application which is used in stained concrete derives different results which varies from lustrous marble polishing to natural stone or tanned lather.

The kind of stain used defines the stained concrete floors cost. No two concrete floors can look similar due to differences in composition and age of concrete. Some of us wonder that how the concrete floor stain colors appear, what is the process behind it.  Well, there are two categories of concrete stains- non reactive and reactive.  Reactive category is water based acidic solution that contains metallic salts. It reacts with lime content of concrete, which results into permanent bond with concrete that won’t peel off.

Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

The second category is non-reactive which are water based acrylic stains. It doesn’t rely on chemical reaction to impart colors to floor. They are devised to penetrate in concrete surface, which later on penetrates their particles in open pores of concrete. It has become quite popular these days because they come in huge variety and are easy to apply.

Both the categories of stained concrete can be applied over new or old concrete surface. You just have to consider the condition of your concrete before applying it. It should be properly cleaned and shouldn’t have big cracks or holes. A good flooring service provider can always help you to get the best stained concrete floors at nominal cost which can simply beautify your entire home.

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Are Epoxy Floor Coatings and Epoxy Paint Different?

Even though the terms paint and coating are often used interchangeably, there are definite differences between epoxy floor coatings and epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is a latex acrylic product with small amounts of epoxy in it. While, Epoxy floor coatings are two component materials consisting of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. Unlike paint, floor coatings cure rather than dry.

Application and Durability

Paint is usually much easier to apply than floor coatings. An applicator simply power washes the concrete floor surface, lets the substrate dry and then applies a coat or two of paint. Over the course of a few months bare concrete will begin to show through the layers of paint as it begins to wear off. In addition, the paint may stain easily.

While on the other hand, floor coatings have the durability to last for years. These coating systems are durable, resistant to abrasion and chemical resistant. They are non-porous, will not flake and slip resistant. However, it requires quite a bit more as far as the application process goes.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Chemical Differences

An epoxy coating consists of a two-component, high performance epoxy resin (Part A) combined with a polyamine hardener (Part B). At times, during installation various aggregates such as graded silica sand, multicoloured quartz are added.This helps to further improve the strength as well as visual appeal of the final product.  On the other hand, epoxy paints are typically latex paints with relatively small amounts of epoxy resin included as a component in the product.

One you know the difference between the two, it is extremely important when dealing with job specifications. You must always remember to clarify the terms. In cases where longevity, durability and quality are important, epoxy floor coatings would be the right choice.

To avail such coatings and for Garage Epoxy Floor ideas in Mesa or Chandler, you must reach a renowned and skilled Concrete Coating Company.

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