Epoxy: A Great Solution for Commercial Flooring Needs

Commercial establishments undergo heavy traffic, hence require a flooring which is durable and resistant to cracks, oils and chemicals. The regular cement floor can’t withstand such heavy pressure and after coming in contact with oils or water, they start disintegrating. So what could be the possible solution to this problem? The answer is commercial floor epoxy.

Epoxy has become a premium choice for business owners because it provides a valuable layer of protection, coating and vibrant display for your floor. No matter if you have tiled or concrete surface, a garage epoxy floor Mesa, will always an advanced level of protection to your floor. With this kind of floor, you can also expect an increased amount of light in your commercial work place as such floors reflects light very nicely which will further help in promoting your product as well we service.

Commercial Flooring

Another benefit of such epoxy is the easy application, high durability and quick drying which makes it perfect for industrial work, because companies often have less time. This kind of flooring dries very fast, regardless of their application in commercial area of garage epoxy floor Chandler. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, epoxy also has another lucrative benefit and it is the low maintenance. This kind of flooring last for several years and doesn’t demand high maintenance, they are easy to clean and wipe. It means it is a one-time investment with several years of benefits.  You just have to choose the right kind of service provider which has a team of skilled staff and can make the installation fast and effective. Look for a company that can offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Everything about Epoxy Garage Flooring

There are many reasons due to which epoxy garage floors are gaining popularity. When we talk about ordinary floors, they are just plain dull grey concrete and such floors becomes even more ugly over time due to oil, grease and chemical stains. Having an epoxy garage flooring Gilbert ensures years of services, durability and will resist most of the stains effectively to give you a well finished and vibrant surface.

Below are three most common garage epoxy flooring Phoenix systems.

  • Epoxy & Polyurethane Solid Color System.
  • Epoxy Chipstone (partial vinyl chip broadcast) with Polyurethane Top Coat System.
  • Epoxy Granitex (100% vinyl chip broadcast) with Polyurethane Top Coat System.

Each of the type has its own properties and strengths. Based on their usability, you can have ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ types of epoxy garage floor systems.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

The Good system

The epoxy polyurethane solid color system lasts for approx. 5-7 years without any maintenance but requires a coat of pigmented polyurethane. This garage floor usually comes with two coat thin film systems with the thickness range of 4-20 mils. It is applied either by roller of airless sprayer.

The Better system

The epoxy Chipstone system last for approximately 7-12 years without any maintenance and post that coat of clear polyurethane is required. The epoxy garage floor system consists two components— a pigmented primer coat of epoxy and another is pigmented color coat of partial broadcast with vinyl chips. The thickness is around 20-30 mils.

The Best system

When we talk about the best system then epoxy Granitex system comes in picture which last for 12-15+ years without any maintenance and need a coat of polyurethane thereafter. This one also contain two components— one is pigmented primers and the second one is pigmented color coat with full broadcast of vinyl chips.

On the basis of above information, you will be able to select the best epoxy floor for your needs.

Few Misconceptions about Epoxy Coating Systems

There are various myths related to Epoxy Flooring. It is essential to carefully analyse them so as to get rid of them.

  • Generally, garages are not meant to be cosmetically appealing. But the look and feel of Epoxy coating is one that brings the normally boring garage area into an entirely new light. Designer colors of such coatings are available to provide a plethora of choices to match a homeowner’s needs. Contrasting wall colors can even accent the floor’s impact on the overall beauty of a basement or garage setting.
  • Another myth is that such flooring is too slippery. Traction is a higher priority, especially in garages. The functionality of the polymer flake used in these coating systems is the key. The surface created by the layering of these materials provides a peel like surface. This further allows for sufficient friction. These are much more slip-resistant than the bare concrete.
  • It takes too much work for installation is another myth. The installation of garage floor coating takes one or two days and you can walk on the floor the following day. Thus, it is a quick and inexpensive option.

Epoxy Coating Systems

But the application of floor coating may be a challenging job. So, the help of a garage epoxy flooring professional in Chandler would be reasonable and therefore, recommended.

An epoxy flooring contractor in Phoenix will work with you to determine what specific needs you have for the floor coating and provide you with the effective results.

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Consider Choosing Durable Concrete Coatings

It is important to choose a durable floor coating. If you select a flooring type that is not robust enough, repair and replacements will lead to excessive operational cost.

You must consider starting with your concrete slab and applying the below mentioned attractive finishes if you are looking for the most durable commercial flooring.

Concrete Coatings

Polished Concrete – The rough surface of concrete can be ground and polished to a glossy shine. The mechanical process does more than make the floor attractive. The grinding process actually strengthens the concrete, increasing the hardness. It eliminates concrete’s natural dust shedding.

Polished concrete doesn’t have to remain neutral grey. A variety of stains and dyes are also available in a variety of jewel tones. Stains can even be layered for a bold pattern. Such concrete may typically need only a minor re-buffing every few years.

Epoxy Floor Coating – If you are looking for a watertight floor with an even higher level of durability, consider having an epoxy flooring coat installed. It protects against scratches, abrasions and damage. Such coating typically lasts from five years up to a decade when properly installed.

Urethane Floor Coating – It may be used on it’s own or with other concrete coatings. It can also be applied over steel or hardwood flooring. These are one of the longest lasting coatings. It is often clear and available in a limited palette of neutral colours.

You may get in touch with a popular and established Concrete Coating Company to avail Epoxy Flooring in Phoenix.

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What Are The Various Types Of Garage Floor Coatings?

Coatings for garage floor are available in different materials. These need to be applied to a moisture-free surface. It is important to note that if your garage floor is susceptible to moisture then your coating will fail in a short period of time.

So, you need to make sure your garage floor is as clean and dry as possible before you apply any coating. If there are some cracks on your floor and still want to use a coating, then it must be repaired.

Garage Floor Coatings

Types of Garage Floor Coatings –

  • Epoxy Garage Floors is a popular garage floor coating. It is one of the most economical and aesthetical ways to upgrade the look of a concrete floor. It can resist oil drips and stains from your car. Also, reduce floor repairs too.
  • Polyaspartic polyurea makes a great floor coating. It’s chemical and stain resistant, comes in many colours. There are also Custom Garage Floors that can be designed using a number of different flooring products.
  • Another variety is Garage Floor Sealer. It may be used as a simple floor coating and can be tinted with a colour. It is fairly inexpensive but will require recoating within few years.
  • Coloured concrete applied with an epoxy concrete sealer will give your garage a new look. With the colour in the concrete, you just have to apply a clear topcoat sealer to protect the surface.
  • Concrete Stain with a suitable concrete sealer will also provide a unique look to the garage floor.

For proper Garage Epoxy Floor ideas in Mesa, you must get in touch with a renowned Concrete Coatings Company.

Epoxy Flooring is a great option For the Garage Floors

Epoxy floor paint adds to your garage floor the look of a vehicle showroom. This type of floor protection is durable, oil resistant and withstand most chemicals. So, it should be used on the garage floor in order to keep them clean and last for a long time.

There Are Many Advantages to it, Here Are a Few of Them

  • It’s non – toxic and waterproof
  • Resistant to salt, acid and lasts a long time
  • It’s rustproof and resistant to heat
  • Also, maintenance free

Looking for a good quality professional to install epoxy is very important. A good professional can ensure that the job will be done at the right time in a quick manner. Also, if there are any problems, you have someone to call to come and fix the problem.

Garage Epoxy Flooring Gilbert

Finding A Professional Is Not That Difficult. All You Need To Do Is Follow Few Easy Steps.

  • You must do a proper research to look for an experienced professional for suitable Garage Epoxy Floor ideas in Gilbert.
  • When you have located a few of them, ask them for references and pictures of past projects. Anyone involved and well – experienced should have some past clients you can talk to.
  • After you get the necessary information you must actually contact the past customers and take a look at their previous work to see if it is up to your standards.
  • It is important to understand that the floor coating that is applied to the floor is a commodity. Therefore, getting it at the lowest possible price will amount to a better outcome for you as a customer.
  • Also, you must not only discuss cost but check and analyse each person, to see if they come across as trustworthy professionals.


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How Can a Garage Floor Coating Contractor Help You?

The garage is one of the most heavily used areas of your home as it takes in a lot of weight, from your car to your stuffed boxes and tools and other equipment. So, you would want your floor to bear the weight without getting scratches or cracks.

Therefore, it is important that you have a floor that allows you to walk comfortably, with no worries about slipping or sliding. Epoxy garage floor coatings are slip resistant. It gives the floor a surface that makes it dust-free and very cleanable.  Also, it makes your floor waterproof and resistant to any chemicals that may be damaging to an unprotected floor.

Floor coating may be a tedious and challenging job. So, seeking the help of a commercial floor epoxy coating professional is reasonable and recommended. A garage floor contractor will work with you to determine what specific needs you have. It is important that he should be someone you can easily talk to and ask questions.

Garage Floor Coating

Irrespective of the type of material you select, epoxy or industrial floor coatings, hiring the right professional to do the work is crucial. Do avoid hiring the wrong team, but also you must know what your options really are.

There Are Many Things To Consider Throughout The Process, Such As:-

  • The type of material that would be ideal for the space, based on the climate and outdoor conditions.
  • You should go for something that will withstand the freezing temperatures without cracking.
  • Also, you may want something that is not likely to stain and is easy to maintain.
  • You need to consider your budget and the guarantees for the materials used.

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