3 Reasons Concrete Floors Rock for you Arizona Home

Thinking about new flooring for your home or business? Concrete floors are a versatile and economical solution for just about anyone. We can give you one hundred reasons to choose concrete flooring, but here are three, just off the top of our heads:

  1. Concrete is STYLISH!

Yes, seriously! Long gone are the days of dull gray concrete. Today, in Phoenix, concrete is colored, stained, textured, or buffed, giving you the look you desire with the durability you need. Here at Dreamcoat , we offer a variety of concrete flooring and concrete coating options, including solid colors, blended colors, metallics, and acid stains. Check out our color page to preview our color wheel!


No joke! Concrete is actually good for our earth! We know how important it is to homeowners and businesses to incorporate sustainable building practices whenever possible. Concrete is a perfect, eco-friendly option that will last a lifetime (literally!). Poured locally, it requires less energy to produce. It inhibits mold and mildew formation, minimizes the need for heating and cooling, and is recyclable!

  1. Concrete is PET FRIENDLY!

Have four-legged family members? Concrete is one of the best options to pet-proof your flooring. Concrete does not absorb odors, is waterproof, stain-proof, scratch-proof, and is easy to clean. Further, concrete floors do not trap pet dander, fleas, or mites like a typical carpet, making it a top choice for pet owners.

Concrete flooring has many benefits for homeowners and businesses. To discuss your project and to receive a free estimate, please contact us. We would love to work with you on your concrete flooring project.

For more information on options (besides looking at our website) be sure to check out  http://www.hgtv.com/remodel/interior-remodel/why-concrete-floors-rock


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