Bring the beauty back to your concrete patio with alternative solutions

Concrete patios are the perfect place to gather and socialize, whether it’s with family, or friends, but this doesn’t mean that you are stuck with a dull grey, uninteresting patch of rough concrete. Over the past three decades, concrete coating solutions have certainly come a long way.

Your concrete patio is subjected to all sorts of abuse, including everything from impact and chemical exposure to severe thermal conditions, so it’s important to consider a high quality epoxy floor coating for your patio to protect it against weather and other types of damages. The most important decision is which type of concrete coating will best suit your needs.

How do I know which concrete coating I need?

There are four general factors that will ultimately determine what type of concrete coating you will need. These include:

  • Will your concrete be exposed to chemicals?
  • What type of traffic will your concrete need to withstand?
  • Is your concrete going to be subjected to heavy loads or direct impact?
  • Is there a potential for thermal shock?

Once you have determined what your specific needs are, you can start thinking about your vision for your concrete patio. With continuous innovations in the concrete industry, you can now enjoy a wide variety of styles and applications that give you the ability to personalize your space with the added benefit of durability, longevity and super low maintenance. For example: Concrete coatings can include Epoxy Terrazzo, which is a material that is great for an aesthetically pleasing multi-colored pattern, and can even be pigmented to give a unique look to your patio.

If you are considering improving the look of your backyard or patio, please consult our concrete flooring contractors at Dreamcoat Flooring. Call us today at 480-226-4172 for a free design consultation and in home estimate.


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