The 6 Steps to Applying Epoxy Coating to Your Floor or Patio

Epoxy floor coatings for your concrete floors can provide a multitude of benefits, including protection from damage, custom design options to incorporate your flooring with the existing design of the space, and durability over the years.

Even though applying an epoxy floor coating is a fairly straightforward process, there still  is a required level of skill and experience in order to produce quality results. Let’s take a look at a summary of the 6 steps that are necessary for proper concrete coating applications such as epoxies.

  1. Prep: Preparation is essential ~ It is generally necessary to sand or diamond-grind the surface in order to remove imperfections and defects prior to the actually cleaning. Fill any remaining holes and cracks with an epoxy grout to ensure a smooth surface. Before applying the primer, you’ll want to make sure your concrete is completely clean, dry and dust-free. The less that’s on your concrete, the better the adhesion will be.
  2. Prime: Apply high quality epoxy primer ~ Priming is always recommended. Taking this step seals the concrete and eliminates the risk of bubbles and blisters in your surface. An second coat of epoxy primer may be necessary in order to form a proper seal and reduce the amount of materials needed in later stages.
  3. Mix Mix Mix ~ You’ll want to use a commercial grade, electric mixer to combine the components of your epoxy coating. Don’t cut corners in this stage, as poor or improper mixing will lead to a tacky floor.
  4. Apply: Apply your first coat of epoxy paint ~ You’ll want to use a high quality roller for this step. Shedding is common with lesser-quality rollers, so it’s a good idea to spare the extra expense upfront to avoid more costly repairs later.
  5. Wait:  After 24 hours, you can check the surface for any cracks or holes that may have appeared, and repair them before applying your second coat.
  6. Complete:  Apply your final coat ~ This is your last chance to perfect your surface, so take extra care in checking for any dust, cracks or other imperfections before application. If you have a particularly large project, mix as you go to prevent waste.

Before starting a DIY project such as laying concrete coatings, it might be helpful in advance to reach out to a concrete coating contractor. You might find the time and long-term cost-savings save you in the long-run. Please reach out for a  FREE floor estimate and design consultation to if you are considering a new coating for your floor or patio!


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