Problem with your Industrial floor coating or concrete floor in your commercial space?

Industrial Floor Coatings

In the innovative world we live in today, technology has allowed us to create commercial concrete coatings that are meant to last for decades. While this is a great benefit to ownership, it does mean that removal can become time consuming and rather difficult. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

There are two main ways you can remove your concrete coating: mechanical and chemical. While mechanical removal methods can be more labor intensive and potentially damaging to the concrete if improper techniques are used, chemical removal methods are more environmentally harmful and pose serious health hazards if they are handled improperly. Because of this, it’s generally recommended to consult with a top rated concrete coating contractor in Phoenix before beginning your project. Let’s take a look at each removal method to help you decide which one might be the best fit for your concrete coating removal project.Mechanical

These concrete coating removal methods can include grinding, sanding and sandblasting. Sandblasting uses specialized high pressure blasting machinery. The granules used are hard enough to break down the coating, but won’t damage the concrete. The downside? Massive amounts of dust and it’s effect on surrounding areas.

Grinding and sanding also produce a lot of dust, but if done with improper techniques can potentially damage your concrete surface ( or coloring if applicable ) which will ultimately increase your total project costs. Chemical

Chemical removers work by creating a reaction that makes the coating release it’s bond with the surface of the concrete. Once the chemical remover has worked it’s magic, the concrete coating can be scrubbed or wiped away. Of course, this brings the necessity for proper disposal of waste materials, which can cause serious health hazards and risks, including severe burns with contact to skin, if strict safety precautions aren’t used in this process.

Regardless of the method of removal you choose, you should always consult with a concrete coating contractor before you begin your project. This can not only save your budget, but the integrity and durability of your concrete surface.


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