The First Things to Look For With Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring is getting more attention than ever these days and your choices are expanding. Commercial flooring, such as epoxy or concrete, is useful in many industrial factory/warehouse applications, as well as public buildings, that see lots of traffic from people or machinery. Concrete floors, industrial surfaces and indoor/outdoor carpeting have many household applications as well.

Today’s commercial flooring choices go beyond the practical for local Phoenix homeowners and creative retail business owners, too. Options extend into concrete kitchen counters and sturdy, functional carpet materials, both available with unique colors and surface patterns. No matter where you need to place your new floor, there are a few priorities to keep in mind when purchasing commercial flooring:

  • Your investment: Many types of commercial flooring are heavy-duty and intended to last for the long term, however, purchase and installation costs may be higher than residential carpet or materials.
  • Upkeep: Maintenance costs can be higher for decorative tile like granite or flagstones, whereas epoxy flooring saves time and money on upkeep–and it can be just as pleasing to the eye.
  • Reliability: The long wearing aspect of most commercial or industrial flooring choices is part of their appeal. Higher upfront costs are usually trumped by the extremely long life and continued “like-new” look of concrete and other “factory” flooring materials.
  • Replacement costs, time and inconvenience: Typical big box store carpeting and commercial flooring needs replacement often, compared to durable commercial choices; another factor that can more than balances out commercial installation costs.
  • Security: Most epoxy floors provide better grip for people and equipment to allow for safer work areas (and home areas, like the garage). Commercial flooring can be customized to provide extra traction, with epoxy or textured surfacing, for example. Commercial floors are the smart and creative choice for many types of business applications and for home design use. Industrial surfaces can be just as comfortable and colorful as standard flooring choices. Keep the above tips in mind when you’re considering commercial flooring for your Gilbert area residential or business location.

We would be happy to show you how we can help turn your dull concrete into a high-performing, great looking one-of-a-kind floor. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly staff members and schedule your free flooring estimate.


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