Why Redo your Warehouse Flooring with a Dreamcoat Floor?

When outfitting a new commercial or industrial space, you may be wondering what type of flooring is best suited for your business. Even with a more upscale business like a boutique or spa, you may feel as if you’re limited to vinyl or commercial carpet. However, more business owners are starting to turn to concrete. By adding an industrial epoxy coating or a stain, you can bring a high-end designer look to your space. Other benefits include a more environmentally friendly product as well as being a cooler flooring option, which is great for business owners within Phoenix and Gilbert areas.

Custom Colors

Both epoxy coatings and concrete stain offer custom coloring options. An epoxy coating incorporates blended color flakes offer the look of granite. Epoxies can also be blended bringing a metallic sheen to the surface. With concrete staining, business owners can order up an array of custom earth tone colors or opt for something a bit more vibrant to punch up an interior décor.

Revitalize and Resurface

Even if you find yourself outfitting an existing commercial space, you should think about resurfacing the existing concrete. Even with cracks, concrete floors can be resurfaced and stained to look new.

Stands Tough

In high-traffic areas this concrete coat flooring will continue to perform in a commercial setting. Polished concrete is resistant to an array of spills including chemicals or oil. Epoxy coatings are also resistant to slippage, which makes them a safer alternative. Plus, keeping your floor looking like new is much easier.
Find out More
We would be happy to show you how we can help turn your dull concrete into a high-performing, great looking one-of-a-kind floor. Call 480-226-4172 today for a free flooring estimate and design consultation.


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