How Can a Garage Floor Coating Contractor Help You?

The garage is one of the most heavily used areas of your home as it takes in a lot of weight, from your car to your stuffed boxes and tools and other equipment. So, you would want your floor to bear the weight without getting scratches or cracks.

Therefore, it is important that you have a floor that allows you to walk comfortably, with no worries about slipping or sliding. Epoxy garage floor coatings are slip resistant. It gives the floor a surface that makes it dust-free and very cleanable.  Also, it makes your floor waterproof and resistant to any chemicals that may be damaging to an unprotected floor.

Floor coating may be a tedious and challenging job. So, seeking the help of a commercial floor epoxy coating professional is reasonable and recommended. A garage floor contractor will work with you to determine what specific needs you have. It is important that he should be someone you can easily talk to and ask questions.

Garage Floor Coating

Irrespective of the type of material you select, epoxy or industrial floor coatings, hiring the right professional to do the work is crucial. Do avoid hiring the wrong team, but also you must know what your options really are.

There Are Many Things To Consider Throughout The Process, Such As:-

  • The type of material that would be ideal for the space, based on the climate and outdoor conditions.
  • You should go for something that will withstand the freezing temperatures without cracking.
  • Also, you may want something that is not likely to stain and is easy to maintain.
  • You need to consider your budget and the guarantees for the materials used.

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Things to Know About Garage Floor Coatings

Garages are a place that isn’t visited very often and most of the homeowners use this area to dump their household waste. But this scenario is changing gradually as many people have started giving importance to this area.

The garage can be beautified by using different garage floor coatings options that can make it a valuable place in your house.

Epoxy flooring is popularly used in garage floors due to the various benefits it offers.  Epoxy flooring Phoenix coatings has a mixture of two substances that acts like sealant and protective finish.  Garages these days are being renovated into workshops, temporary hangout zones, area for official work etc. due to the unavailability of spaces and high property rates.  There are many benefits of epoxy floor coatings, these coatings are durable and can withstand oil, water, dirt and grease without harming the floor.

Garage Floor Coatings

Due to the increasing popularity of this type of coating, various other kind of options have also emerged like black marble and quartz are used for a nice finish. Black marble is used to give a showroom like feeling and atmosphere to garage. The sealant used in such coatings protects the floor coatings against any kind of weathering, oil, dirt, grim, cracks, and any other kind of damages. Due to all these reasons, these coatings are considered to be stronger than the concrete floor coatings that adds more life to the garage floor.

These coatings are relatively easy to install and takes less time to complete. It hardly takes more than a week to complete the entire project. There are certain floor preparations that needs to be done before the application of the coatings, and you can always take professional assistance in this regard for a hassle free installation and smooth floor.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Creates an Inviting Atmosphere

Are you tired of seeing the same boring concrete over and over again? You can cover it up with industrial epoxy floor coating, giving a unique charm to the old gray concrete lying in your garage or office.

Creating an inviting atmosphere with industrial epoxy floor coating can help maintain a strong, clean, economical, stylish and durable concrete surface.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Why Should You Opt For Industrial Floor Coatings?

They are designed to overcome every obstacle ranging from the toughest stains that are hard to remove and to endure the toughest environmental situations. So, Industrial floor coatings are used in various places such as garage, factories, showrooms, office buildings, as they demand heavy – duty flooring needs.

It is worth to invest in epoxy coatings to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your industrial floor in the long run. Epoxy concrete coatings also protect from ultra – violet rays making it another reason to use rather than using other paints such as acrylic or polyurethane.

While shopping for epoxy concrete floor coatings, you must always look at the brand company supplying the epoxies. These epoxies should match your needs and specifications, whether it’s having chemical, abrasion and impact resistant properties, easy to clean benefits, or remarkably strong installation with little time.

The most important key to a long – lasting product is to work with experts that provide service at a reasonable price. If you seek the help of an experienced and established company, for Garage Epoxy Floor ideas in Mesa, you can be sure regarding the quality of work as well.

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Everything You Need To Know About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings have emerged as great choice due to its high durability and low maintenance. Another benefit is the customization, you choose from a variety of color options and can go for textured surface or smooth finish. It totally depends on the personal preferences. Below are few important things about the garage epoxy flooring Gilbert that you need to know.

You must know that the secret behind the high performance epoxy coating is epoxy resins. The epoxy resins are the core or main material of the formulation like top-coats, primers and sealants. These resins make it feasible for epoxy floor coatings to perform well even in extreme conditions.

You can apply the epoxy coatings to many surface types and this makes epoxy one of the popular choices for commercial or residential use. Specific floor applications need specific coating systems that is mainly dictated by the material used for substrate. Epoxy can work well in concrete, steel or nearly every type of surface.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Another property of epoxy coating is that it can combine with other kind of material for increased performance. Epoxy-amine system, aliphatic epoxy systems, epoxy-sulfide system are some of the common coating systems. With amine, one can achieve glossy surface, better adhesion and beautiful appearance. Epoxy systems work really well with acrylics and alkyds.

When you think of heavy duty floors then epoxy emerges as the winner as the coating is resistant to various kind of damages. This is the reason that epoxy is majorly applied to those areas that are continuously exposed to damage-inducting agents like garage, manufacturing plants, warehouses, airplane hangars and heavy machinery floors.

When it comes to garage epoxy floor ideas Gilbert then you will get abundant option but only a right service provider will be able to guide you and help you take right decisions.


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Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

When deciding on your garage flooring, you may want to consider epoxy garage floor paint. Most of the garage flooring paints may be used to top other paints, provided they are clean and free of any contaminants. As epoxy is fairly thick, there’s usually no need for colour matching or anything of the sort.

epoxy garage floors

Epoxy Floor Paint and Your New Concrete

If the concrete is new, there are few set of conditions that must be observed. You can generally tell if the concrete is new by the colour. Most coatings for garage floors need at least thirty days from the time it was laid before you put down their paint.

If you are not sure, try to get in touch with the concrete coatings contractor that laid the floor. If that’s not an option, you could always wait for few days from the time you first saw the floor. It will have to be prepped and cleaned no matter what is on it, even if it looks like there’s nothing, so there is no harm using it for storage or cars.

Including preparation, many epoxy paint kits can take as little as three hours to apply. This is, however, better as compared to other solutions for garage floors. Also, this estimate is for a normal garage. If your garage is quite large, then expect the process to take longer.

Epoxy garage floors coating comes out very nicely when done correctly. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right coating provider.

Why Should You Opt for Epoxy Garage Floors?

An epoxy garage floor coating is an excellent way to protect your concrete coatings flooring. It increases the value and look of your home and garage.

Epoxy garage floors coating have a chemically cured film made of a 2 part epoxy that does not soften under extreme heat. Therefore, it will not lift and peel under hot tires. One coat will give a beautiful semi-gloss finish that will last for many years.

Epoxy Garage Floors

Significance of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating –

  • The protective epoxy floor coatings last longer and would save your money.
  • Not only does the floor look good with epoxy floor coatings but also it is much easier to clean.
  • Epoxy is a type of coating that is self-levelling, whether the existing concrete floor is old or new, the epoxy will go on creating a smooth finish
  • It gives your garage a professional appearance. These coatings prevent stains from oil and grease.
  • It is resistant to just about every automotive fluid. Also, resistant to brake fluid, gasoline, battery acid etc.
  • This coating also contains an ultraviolet inhibitor that reduces any damage that could be caused by sunlight and prevents against fading.

You must consult an experienced epoxy floor garage coatings company. Make sure that they have a policy of staying up-to-date on the technology required, in the selections of floor coatings that are available, and in the installation of epoxy garage floor coatings.

It is advised that you work with an experienced company who specializes in commercial floor coating in order to ensure your floor coating is applied correctly.

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Industrial Floor Coating and Epoxy Flooring For Restaurants

Epoxy Flooring –

Epoxy flooring for restaurants is a durable solution for such areas, especially its kitchen. It has multiple advantages like low maintenance, ease of cleaning, and application with versatility. One of the main reasons why epoxy concrete coatings are used is because it can complement any type of structure.

Epoxy Flooring For Restaurants

Here are a few reasons why you should apply it in your restaurants:-

Slip Resistant – Restaurants have lots of greasy materials to make floors slippery. Polished concrete floors like epoxy are completely slip-resistant. It saves your staff and customers from probable injuries.

Requires Low Maintenance – Epoxy is a money saving option that offers dual benefits of being lesser expensive in the application and no major maintenance costs being incurred in its lifetime.

Mold-Resistant – Polished concrete option of epoxy can offer extensive solutions with durability. This material is completely resistant to mildew and hence, it is compatible with your establishment.

Industrial Floor Coatings –

If your warehouses and manufacturing facilities have concrete floors, you should consider using durable industrial floor coatings to protect them. They will look better, last longer, and will save a lot of money in the long run.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Coatings

Benefits of Industrial Floor Coatings:-

  • Industrial floor coating can resist corrosive substances such as non-corrosive gasoline, sewage and other such materials.
  • The versatility of industrial floor coatings allows for it’s application in wet or dry conditions.
  • They do well in extreme heat or extreme cold conditions, and in sun or shade.

You must consult an experienced industrial coatings supplier who is ready to help you decide which floor coating has the most optimal use for your floor. Make sure that they have a policy of staying up-to-date on the technology required, in the selections of floor coatings that are available, and in the installation of industrial floor coatings.


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