Add A Little Color To Your Life (And Floor) With Colored Concrete!

Exciting Color Options For Concrete Flooring

When it comes to colorful concrete flooring options, the sky is the limit. Dyes, stains and surface coatings make it easy to transform boring plain-jane bare concrete into a work of art. With the availability of nearly every hue imaginable, from rich, earthy browns and golds to fire-engine red, azure blue, and vibrant shades of purple and green, your color choices are only limited by your imagination. The following are the most requested color options and the coloring techniques used to produce them.

What are some of the most Popular Concrete Floor Colors

While they might not initially sound exciting, the most popular concrete flooring color choice, especially for residential applications, is brown tones.  From pale tan to terra cotta to deep cocoa, brown concrete flooring mimics the warm look of wood flooring yet is more durable and much easier to maintain. In addition, the array of shades achievable in the brown palette is infinite, ranging from dark walnut to deep russet to sandy beige.

Another popular color choice for modern homes, businesses, medical facilities or restaurant kitchen floors are the multitude of options in the gray spectrum. Whether you are looking for a silver pearl, a steely grey or a dark charcoal, there’s a perfect hue of gray to choose from.

For more colorful, whimsical designs consider combining multiple colors for your concrete flooring. Multiple colors can be used to create distinct patterns or swirled together for a mottled effect. With stencils, multiple colors can also be combined to create custom designs, monograms and logos.

Concrete Coloring Techniques

Just as there are a plethora of concrete floor colorings to choose from, there are a variety of methods to apply the color:

  • Water-based Stains – These stains produce a permanent color by penetrating the concrete surface. Typically a blend of pigments and acrylic polymers, the resulting finish ranges from translucent to opaque. They are offered in a broader color spectrum and have a less subtle color effect than acid-based stains, including metallic tints.
  • Acid-based Stains – Prized for their unique color combinations and permanence, these are the most tried and true stains for concrete floors. Due to chemical reactions and variations in penetration, each floor is unique. The colors are mainly limited to blue/green and earth-toned hues, and are translucent.
  • Concrete Dyes – This application penetrate the concrete to achieve a permanent, opaque color saturation. Available in solvent- or water-based formulations, concrete dyes are available in a variety of colors. The water-based dyes typically produce more variegation and marbling, while solvent-based dyes provide a more uniform, monotone effect.
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings – While they generally cost more than dyes or stains, epoxy coating is very opaque, making it a good choice for hiding flaws and stains. They are durable and have long-lasting color. Additionally, they can feature color chips, metallic pigments, and are abrasion-resistant, making them a great choice for commercial flooring applications.

If you are considering a colorful concrete floor finish, let the professionals at Dreamcoat Flooring help you select the perfect hue and coloring method. Call 480-226-4172 today for a free flooring estimate and design consultation.


Coat Your Concrete Floors, Gain a Whole New Room

Concrete floors and concrete floor coatings are a popular choice for Arizona garages because they are durable and affordable. However, it isn’t always the prettiest option, which leaves you with a drab, uninviting garage and a huge space that often gets left unused. This is where a Phoenix garage floor coating can help you make better use of your home’s square footage.

Garage floor coatings give can a garage a whole new look. They can make the space look more inviting and comfortable to hang out in, making it a more functional part of your home. Put a couch or two out there, get a pool table or ping-pong table, and set up a mini fridge for cold drinks and you have the perfect new party room. Alternatively, you could set up some tables and a sewing machine and have a whole room devoted to crafts. The possibilities are endless, and a floor coating will make the space feel more like a room instead of just a garage.

Besides being more attractive, coated garage floors actually last longer than their uncoated counterparts. This is because floor coatings provide protection from water and cracking. The coating will also protect the floor from oil leaks, drink spills, or other liquid disasters.

The final reason to choose a floor coating for your garage beautification is time. Dreamcoat flooring has an amazing system that leaves your garage floor useable after just one day! This means your party room, craft room, practice dance studio, or new play room can be ready after just 24 hours.

If you are interested in getting a coating for you garage floor please contact a concrete coating contractor in Phoenix  for a free quote!