Repair or Re-do Your Dirty Phoenix Driveway?

Perhaps you have recently completed your epoxy coating for your garage concrete, and the dull, damaged, and aging driveway seems to be taking away from your house or that beautiful garage. Its time to tackle that dingy and cracked driveway!

Your driveway has multiple functions and isn’t just a place to drive the car. That concrete pathway is a place for everything from the kids learning how to ride a bike to teaching your teen how to change a tire. Your driveway also contributes to the curb appeal to your home.

So, the question is: Should you repair or re-do your dirty Phoenix driveway?

Repairing Vs Replacement
Over time, your driveway will begin to show signs of damages. Cracks, holes, and divots can begin to appear over the surface, and can potentially lead to larger, and deeper, problems. This can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Weight of vehicles over time
  • Extreme heat and sun

If the visible cracks in your driveway are less than a quarter-inch wide, you shouldn’t be too worried. These can easily be repaired. Your concrete professional can help prolong the life of your driveway and with simple repair and resurface project.

However, if the cracks in your driveway are larger than a quarter-inch, filling them will only serve as a temporary fix. The age of your driveway should also be taken into effect as well. If it’s more than 20 years old, it’s probably time for a replacement.

The Ultimate Plan
With a top rated Phoenix area epoxy floor coating contractor working with you on your driveway repair or resurfacing project, you can be sure your project will be completed with superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service at a reasonable price.

Our friendly owner would be happy to personally visit your home, at no charge to you, and show you examples, epoxy floor colors and textures that would look great at your home . Contact us today for answers to all your questions and to schedule your free consultation today.


Coat Your Concrete Floors, Gain a Whole New Room

Concrete floors and concrete floor coatings are a popular choice for Arizona garages because they are durable and affordable. However, it isn’t always the prettiest option, which leaves you with a drab, uninviting garage and a huge space that often gets left unused. This is where a Phoenix garage floor coating can help you make better use of your home’s square footage.

Garage floor coatings give can a garage a whole new look. They can make the space look more inviting and comfortable to hang out in, making it a more functional part of your home. Put a couch or two out there, get a pool table or ping-pong table, and set up a mini fridge for cold drinks and you have the perfect new party room. Alternatively, you could set up some tables and a sewing machine and have a whole room devoted to crafts. The possibilities are endless, and a floor coating will make the space feel more like a room instead of just a garage.

Besides being more attractive, coated garage floors actually last longer than their uncoated counterparts. This is because floor coatings provide protection from water and cracking. The coating will also protect the floor from oil leaks, drink spills, or other liquid disasters.

The final reason to choose a floor coating for your garage beautification is time. Dreamcoat flooring has an amazing system that leaves your garage floor useable after just one day! This means your party room, craft room, practice dance studio, or new play room can be ready after just 24 hours.

If you are interested in getting a coating for you garage floor please contact a concrete coating contractor in Phoenix  for a free quote!