Which Type of Commercial Epoxy Floor is best for Medical?


Acid Washed Concrete

Commercial Epoxy is a term that represents a class of materials and the act of using those materials in a commercial area. Epoxy include a combination of resins and hardeners, that mixed together to form a rigid plastic material. The whole process when made make up a strong, durable, resistant layer that can be used up in commercial floors.

Most of the time these commercial epoxy floors are used in medical industry where the floor needs to be stand up to hundreds of patients with different needs.

The medical grade flooring coatings are made in order to meet and exceed health and safety standards. Check out the reasons that why you should use the commercial epoxy floor in medical.

Durability and Beauty in One-Floor Coating

In order to meet high standards of medical clinics, this commercial epoxy flooring gives you the flexibility to create a custom look of your choice. The seamless floor is color stable, not shrinkable, and high resistance which will let the floor shone.

Create Sanitary and Welcoming Environment

A medical clinic is a place where creating a sanitary and welcoming environment is crucial for the satisfaction of your staff and patients. It can also motivate patients that they will heal earlier and will have a positive outcome.

Easy To Maintain

These floors are very easy to maintain as it can take the pressure of heavy equipment and traffic. The products of the floor are of high quality that is fast curing and offer low maintenance.


Repair or Re-do Your Dirty Phoenix Driveway?

Perhaps you have recently completed your epoxy coating for your garage concrete, and the dull, damaged, and aging driveway seems to be taking away from your house or that beautiful garage. Its time to tackle that dingy and cracked driveway!

Your driveway has multiple functions and isn’t just a place to drive the car. That concrete pathway is a place for everything from the kids learning how to ride a bike to teaching your teen how to change a tire. Your driveway also contributes to the curb appeal to your home.

So, the question is: Should you repair or re-do your dirty Phoenix driveway?

Repairing Vs Replacement
Over time, your driveway will begin to show signs of damages. Cracks, holes, and divots can begin to appear over the surface, and can potentially lead to larger, and deeper, problems. This can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Weight of vehicles over time
  • Extreme heat and sun

If the visible cracks in your driveway are less than a quarter-inch wide, you shouldn’t be too worried. These can easily be repaired. Your concrete professional can help prolong the life of your driveway and with simple repair and resurface project.

However, if the cracks in your driveway are larger than a quarter-inch, filling them will only serve as a temporary fix. The age of your driveway should also be taken into effect as well. If it’s more than 20 years old, it’s probably time for a replacement.

The Ultimate Plan
With a top rated Phoenix area epoxy floor coating contractor working with you on your driveway repair or resurfacing project, you can be sure your project will be completed with superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service at a reasonable price.

Our friendly owner would be happy to personally visit your home, at no charge to you, and show you examples, epoxy floor colors and textures that would look great at your home . Contact us today for answers to all your questions and to schedule your free consultation today.

Unsightly Concrete Flooring? Beautify Your Interior and Exterior Surfaces With a Stamped Concrete Overlay!

If you are tired of your plain, boring, uninspiring ugly concrete patio, driveway, or indoor flooring, it may be time to consider an aesthetic upgrade to a stamped concrete overlay. Over time, or through wear and tear, your concrete may have been subject to damage through chipping, staining, cracking or fading. Resurfacing your home or business concrete flooring with our industrial grade epoxy flooring overlay provides all aesthetic benefits and design possibilities of conventional new application stamped concrete, but it is applied over your existing concrete. With our Dreamcoat Flooring stamped concrete overlay, you can duplicate the unique texture and beauty of wood, natural stone, slate, and other materials without needing to replace your existing concrete.

What is a Stamped Concrete Overlay?

Dreamcoat Flooring’s stamped concrete overlay is a cement-based, stampable coating used to change or improve the aesthetic of your interior or exterior concrete surfaces. Applied to existing concrete. It provides a flexible, creative design medium that can mimic cut stone, brick, wood, tile, cobblestone, boardwalk and slate. The sheer variety of designs and materials we can replicate are only limited by your imagination. Applying our Dreamcoat Flooring concrete overlay eliminates the need to tear out or replace your existing unsightly concrete surfaces.

Stamped Concrete Overlay Applications

Your new Dreamcoat Flooring overlay can be applied to interior or exterior residential or commercial concrete surfaces, whether new or existing, and can even be applied to vertical surfaces, such as walls and backsplashes. Our concrete overlays are a popular way to refresh the appearance of your existing floors, walkways, patios, driveways, and pool decking.

Stamped Concrete Overlay Design Possibilities

Unlike stained or acid-washed concrete floorings, our stamped concrete overlays offer an incredible three-dimensional texture, meaning that the sky is the limit for artistic inspiration. Not only are our stamped concrete overlays popular for residential applications, but some of the most creative entertainment venues, such as some of our big shopping malls, Universal Studios and The Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas have utilized them to create custom themes and textured flooring. At Dreamcoat Flooring, we have a wide variety of rubber stamping molds to create an infinite array of textures, including custom stamp designs. Concrete stamping overlays are an incredibly versatile product for businesses as well, allowing for the artistic creation of themed corporate or institution-friendly applications.

If you are considering beautifying your concrete surfaces with a stamped concrete overlay, consult our professionals at Dreamcoat Flooring to determine if your concrete can be resurfaced successfully, and to discuss you unique flooring vision. Call us today at 480-226-4172 for a free floor estimate and design consultation.

Is Gorgeous Garage Floor an Oxymoron?

NO!!! Concrete Coatings truly can be GORGEOUS!


Ask the concrete flooring experts at Dreamcoat Flooring about their variety of colors and unique designs for your commercial or residential garage!

If you’re going to invest in Concrete Coatings Phoenix for a garage floor, you should select a powerful color scheme that will last. These 3 gorgeous color schemes for garage floor spaces of any size are easy to get excited about, especially because they will change the way guests or customers view your garage space.

  • Gull Gray. For consumers who think that a subtle approach is best, this color scheme really works. It is a beautiful shade of gray that does not break up the room, but it makes automobiles parked in the garage really stand out. Gull gray is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Arizona Quarry. For consumers who want a more earthy look for their concrete floor, a blended color chips scheme includes different colors that complement each other. This combination of natural rock and stone shades is neutral and serene, perfect for a beautiful coated garage floor.
  • Copper Metallic. Some garages must really communicate that valuable vehicles are parked in the interior space. If you love lucky pennies, this color scheme partners nicely with classic vehicles and everyday passenger vehicles. Copper can brighten your day every time you step into the garage.

Concrete Coatings truly can also be AFFORDABLE!

You might be surprised to learn how affordable commissioning coating experts to add a concrete coating to your garage floor is. They are here to answer your questions about different color schemes and meet your pricing guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact a quality Phoenix epoxy coating contractor contact them for more information.